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Learn from the World's Top Conservatory Musicians

from the comfort of your home

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Drums & Keys connects students of all levels and ages with musicians from Berklee, Juilliard, New World, and other top conservatories using virtual music lesson technology.

Our mission is to spread the love and joy of music, by making high-quality private music lessons accessible to all.

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Online School of Music?


Get direct access to some of the most talented musicians in the United States. All of our teachers are highly experienced with advanced degrees from top universities.

Unlike other schools, we have developed a unique step-by-step program built on the proven science and psychology of learning. Our program will take you from your very first lesson to playing anything you want.

With an exclusive program featuring the best teachers in the world, we guarantee you will always get the best results with steady progress. Learn music or get you money back.


Weekly live lessons


All skills, topics and styles                                   

Free trial lesson


Feedback from real teachers


Ideal for beginners/intermediates

Progress tracking


Personal guidance & support


100+ Exercises & songs breakdowns      

100% Money back

Why us
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A better way to learn


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Time Effective




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Online music lessons are more affordable than traditional lessons and are the best solution for families with a busy schedule.


Our lessons are available to anyone, anywhere. That means no traveling to a teacher’s home, school, or studio.



Studies have shown that at least 70% of the information learned during lessons is forgotten right after the student walks out of the classroom (that’s like wasting 70% of your time and money) but now technology is helping our students retain information longer, faster and safer.

Now students can replay any previously taken lesson and review any section during practice as many times as they need right from home, at their own speed and schedule.



Online music lessons are more affordable than traditional lessons and are the best solution for families with a busy schedule.


Our lessons are available to anyone, anywhere. That means no traveling to a teacher’s home, school, or studio.



Online music lessons are more affordable than traditional lessons and are the best solution for families with a busy schedule. They are available to anyone, anywhere. That means no traveling to a teacher’s home, school, or studio.

Our lessons are just $36 per 30 minutes or $67.50 per hour with no commitments or subscription required. Learn more about our lesson packages, trials, and subscriptions by visiting our scheduling page.


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Lessons at Drums & Keys are streamed with optimized video and sound quality. Premium lessons require excellent sound, and vibrant true-to-life optics.


We make our teachers shine on the screen by using advanced 4K Ultra High-definition cameras and cutting edge studio microphones. Our school uses the World’s most technologically advanced devices to make every interaction feel as real as it can get.



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Now teachers can demonstrate and teach exactly the same concepts students learn as if they were physically in the same room. Students at Drums and Keys can easily capture every detail, from the teacher’s hand movement to body posture.


We allow you to get a far, close and overhead view of your teacher's instrument so you can have a more convenient and effective lesson. Discover the new perspectives that are revolutionizing the way students learn and play music.

We call it “THE BIRD’S EYE VIEW.”

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Drums & Keys provides its students with the best practice tools and apps available with the goal of making a more efficient, fun, and interactive learning process.

All students enrolled in our program can enjoy the benefits of using their personalized student portal, where they will have one-click access to their music lesson, schedule, apps, class notes, videos, Drums & Keys interactive scores, and more.



A better way to practice

Our revolutionary Drums & Keys Program™ was designed and developed by some of the finest musicians worldwide and guarantees to guide students toward reaching their highest musical potential. Our proven step-by-step lesson system is a science-backed program, built on the research and psychology of how students best perform and learn music.


One-On-One and Group Lessons: Students at Drums & Keys receive a complete music education program. This is through a combination of private music lessons and group lessons that were based and created on the proven science of learning.

By offering a balanced approach of fun musical activities and excellent instruction from some of the greatest musicians, our lesson program is capable of guiding students from their first lesson towards their maximum achievable level while developing a deep understanding and love for music. 

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Progress Tracking: Up until now, students had no way to track their progress. Quality and quantity of practice is the defining factor in a musician's success, that's why our program features apps that tracks the student progress during and outside the structured lesson.


We provide full visibility to parents and teachers by recording how well and how frequent students are practicing. You’ll never have any question about how you’re doing, what you’re learning, or where you’re going.

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Recorded for Review: When learning a musical instrument, recording the lessons is undoubtedly a very beneficial practice tool at any level. We understand and recognize that sometimes, it may be difficult for students to process all the information learned during the class at once. 

At Drums & keys we record every lesson, giving students the freedom to practice and review any class as many times as they need, at their own speed and schedule. 

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Rock Like A Star: Most students only get to perform once or twice a year at a recital and is usually only one piece. Researchers have found that being tested on a subject helps increase retention of information. Performance is a kind of musical test. 


Whether your goals are to become a professional musician, or just an awesome amateur player, we provide you with the opportunity of monthly virtual performances, Q&A sessions, and live masterclasses. Start your journey, share your progress, and receive valuable performing experience!

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Drums & Keys Interactive Scores: makes practice fun and allows students to learn their favorite songs in the process. Students can play along to backing tracks, follow the cursor as it moves through the score, slow down the accompaniment, and use the loop function to master a specific section.

Receive instant feedback as you practice and unlock hundreds of exercises that will transform you from a young beginner to an experienced performer.

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Music Theory, Solfege and More: Unlike other schools, we have lessons entirely dedicated to teaching all the fundamental skills students need to become successful musicians.

We build a strong foundation in topics such as music theory, solfege, sight-reading, ear training, improvisation and music composition to help students learn their favorite songs faster and easier.

• Theory lessons included in tuition - learn more.

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